of a slow drain making rounds / susannah lodge-rigal

four blue chairs & table's low, fifth
stair skipped or creak out
old ache, I am middled

a fish in water, human in house
predicament. No stay or cut easy made
to make seen a thing

seen too long. Young
to the looking-game & Illinoisaway,
then doggone & homeagain, where quiet

makes—Walking, strange
heavy. Fifth
stair up & creak out

old ache, stepped on & no unstep, no.
open door mama sits & sits looking long
out & longwhile, still. 

Susie did you see I
fixed the sink?

raspberry sand /
cristian gorostieta

Without a loyal crew
only a patch of sand

stairs to climb & only
forward falling

carried away.

All of a sudden I don't
feel much like sand castles

or raspberries.

That see you soon hum that keeps
trying but breaks at every turn.