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A short documentary about the lives of various citizens of a small town in the region of Murcia in the south of Spain. A forgotten town in a forgotten region of the country. Throughout the documentary we learn about the principal problems the people of the town face with a special focus on the peculiar character of the people. With interviews at times poignant at times humorous, in the end, the documentary becomes an open door inviting us to experience a part of Spain that the rest of the world has forgotten about.

Un documental que trata de un pueblecito perdido en la región de Murcia. La gente habla de algunos de los problemas que hay en el pueblo y algunas de las cosas más especiales para ellos. A través de sus explicaciones y conversaciones, la audiencia va conociendo el carácter peculiar del pueblo y la gente que vive allí.



So today,    I was watching
floor of    plastic bin
where fell there laid    rest of my head    ,
or    flaked slips of what was made my head sunbare?
my shorted hair like

tapped cold onto    floor
to me    lips on    it of mirror saying,
“looks like a peeled vegetable”

to    floor of shower    ,me saying “whywhen is winter?”


I lay spoons in the dead grass
I tuck my grief underneath a new pile of cloves

The mountains behind the mountains hold terrible secrets
Several doves inside canoes

Canoes on lakes underneath your father’s grave stone
Animals I’ve touched inside reflections sit outside the window

Your neighbor drinks a glass of milk
This view of the shoreline

A small flutter of hands in a dream not mine
Beauty something antlered, motionless, and calm