What is Catch Magazine?

Published by Knox College, Catch has been an undergraduate magazine for more than 100 years, making it the oldest continuously published literary journal in the country. Catch is entirely run by Knox students, from the submitters to the editors and designers. All content, including layout and design, is original undergraduate student work.

Our faculty advisor once said that Catch is something like a "snapshot" of the various things created and loved at Knox College. Our purpose is to make student voices heard and we hope that our magazine fulfills a small part of this goal. Catch may be a drop in an ocean of arts magazines, but we believe there is magic in putting love into such little things.

Catch is historically a literary magazine, but in our pages your will find all forms of creative writing, as well as film, science, technology, visual art and music—in short, we covet anything (everything) you are generous enough to share with us. We hope to receive and have been privileged to publish creations by and about diverse identities and perspectives, but we are always seeking to broaden our horizons.  

In recent years, Catch has won numerous national and international awards. These include:

2014 National Program Directors' Prize from the Association of Writers and Writing Programs (Vol. 46)

Associated College Press Magazine Pacemaker Awards and Finalist Recognition (Vol. 34, Vol. 35, Vol. 36, Vol. 37, Vol. 40, Vol. 48)

2003 National Program Directors' Prize from the Association of Writers and Writing Programs (Vol. 34)

In keeping with tradition, we are honored to continue Catch's legacy of recognition. In 1983 and 1986 respectively, Catch was awarded The CCLM National Collegiate Competition's First Place Award ( which would later become the National Program Directors' Prize from AWP).